Corporate Vision

Our vision is to be the Premier Port for materials and commodities shipped on the Missouri River. To develop and maintain this status we will become:

  • A great place to work, where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • The cleanest, most-organized and effective operational structure in the industry providing predictable performance for on and off-loading efficiency of materials and commodities from a barge, railcar, and truck.
  • A state-of-the-art facility, utilizing automation, business analytics and monitoring to improve efficiency and reduce human labor.
  • The premier source for quality service and value in our industry. Our customers will seek us as a partner for their shipping needs.

Mission Statement

TransPort 360 is a multi-facet storage and shipping facility strategically positioned between the Missouri River, UP and BNSF Rail Lines and Inter-States 36 and 29 in northwest Missouri. Our mission is to economically and efficiently trans-load large freight shipments via truck, rail and barge in a timely manner expediting their movement domestically and internationally supporting the commerce trade of our customers.

Core Values

Our employees are our most important asset. Their safety, health and well being are of the highest importance. We believe in a healthy work/life balance.
Our corporate integrity is paramount. We are guided by a strong moral compass including honesty, and proper business ethics in all endeavors.
We believe in good stewardship of resources and environmental responsibility. Our mantra is to eliminate waste and be frugal in our processes.
We believe our suppliers and our customers are partners with us in creating value. We strive for win/win relationships with all constituents.
We believe in a culture of optimism, innovation and continuous improvement.